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Schools and importance of learning new language

Every person wants to study in a good school. This is because, schools are the knowledge hubs and what they learn in the age of 10 teaches values in the future. Schools should teach the children the right knowledge. Unless the theories and concepts are practically taught, children will not be able to understand or interpret and implement them in the future. This practical knowledge makes them remember things even after their college. This way one can be sure that concepts are taught well to the students. They can also make sure that the children understand it very well if the subject is taught practically. There are still many schools in India who concentrate on pressuring their students to excel in their scores no matter them understand or not. The tenth and twelve standards being the public grades, schools are pressuring their students to score well by making them study the same thing again and again. This procedure may bring them the scores and rate them no 1 school in academics but the knowledge that the students have gained is zero. Scores are important, but the teaching system should change. Today, only some schools have opted this practical type of teaching students. Presentations, trips to educational places, projects will help the children to learn a lot. This increases their interest to study new concepts without any difficulty. Project work makes them search through the web for information. This is again an added advantage to improve their knowledge.


Schools need to have extracurricular activities scheduled for the students every week. These extracurricular activities can be anything which may include sports, entertainment, Language classes, and cultural events etc., which are apart from their academics. These activities help them to take a break from their studies and refresh them for the next class hour. Continuous class hours make them sleep and lose concentration on subjects. Activities like sports and entertainment will always make them energetic and ready for the next class.


There are many schools which provide language classes to students. Learning a second language is as important as learning subjects. Learning a new language makes children learn about the culture itself. It makes their brain work actively. It is an added advantage to always know a new language. All that one must do is to choose the best Chinese language school. It is easy to search for the best Chinese language school especially in Singapore with online support. There are many websites that provide this information.
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