Dui Case

Difficulty Level Of A Person Who Has Dui Case Records To Entering Canada

A person who wants to immigrate to other country should prove that he does not have any criminal records on him. This same criteria is followed in Canada but they move one step ahead and stops the person who have DUI case on him.DUI stands for driving under influence ,Yes to immigrate Canada one should free from all case as well as most important is that a person should not have any case recorded on him at DUI. If the person have any case then it is quite difficult to entre in Canada as well as Canada government denied the entry of that person. Still there is a consideration like depends on the severity of the case the person entry is decided if the case is not that much severe he/she can enter into Canada. On which basis a person is rejected to entre Canada is? If the DUI offence is consider as very crucial then the person is prohibited to entre Canada.

On Which Category One Can Entre Canada

 But for citizen of United States of America does not have such strict restriction to enter into Canada. This Criminally inadmissible law is somewhat lenient to US citizen but based on some condition it takes to allowing a person to enter process is depends on the state where the victim did wrong thing while driving. The person who has case based on DUI records, and if he wants to spend his leisure time alone in Canada his entry is denied. Whereas if the person comes along with his family with DUI records he allowed entering into Canada as well as for business matter also he allowed entering into Canada. Based on three categories the individual with DUI records whether can be allowed entering Canada or not is decided .Individual with Dui records is allowed Entering Canada if he has the following thing 1.At the time of request entering Canada he/she should complete their sentence a decade before or ten years back.2. If the individual offence is consider as summary offence they can enter into Canada.3. The recorded offense at an individual person should not be more than once.


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