Top tips for moving house

The ultimate goal of any middle-class, working person is to own a house they can call their own after saving up for it over years at stretch. The gap between owning the house and moving into the house with your family is the most stressful one. You decide what stuff that you on are you going to retain, what new stuff you need, if the furniture needs a touch-up, how many days will it take to move in, how much time is it going to take to settle in, what will the collateral damage be and all sorts of other things.

But the big thing that you are thinking about is moving in.

Moving in is a big step. Not only psychologically, but physically It is exhausting and hard on the body. And if it’s not properly planned, it can wear you out in a matter of minutes. Not only that, you’ll feel things going down in a downward spiral; which you don’t want.

So, to avoid all that, take note of some tips when moving houses and save yourself that migraine: –


The first step is to de-clutter your current home. Segregate the things that you want to retain and want to take with you to the next house and the things that you don’t want. Instead of throwing these unwanted things (furniture, electrical, and artefacts), either donate it to the house help or sell them to get some return out of them.

Make a list

Make a list of all the things that you are taking with you so that nothing gets left behind in the hurry. With this, you can even check them off once you reach the new house and are arranging things.


This depends on how far the place is. If it’s not too far, a couple of friends and family can help you move stuff. Otherwise, renting a truck or a lorry and using it for multiple trips is useful. To take the burden off completely, you can choose from professional services too.

Use a pacing kit

This will come in handy when the things have been put into boxes and need to be put in the vehicle. The kit will include markers, tape, scissors, name slips and packing material. Name your boxes to avoid looking lost when you are finding things at the new house.

Don’t take our clothes out

If you are taking our dressers and your drawers with you, there is no need to pack the clothes separately and then unpack them again. Let them be as they are and you’ll save yourself time, struggle and unnecessary efforts.

Take care of valuables

This includes jewellery, some petty cash you keep at home, expensive trinkets and baubles or old and expensive crockery. Make a separate box for them, keep it close to you and make sure you take it with you and not give it to the movers.

Check essentials when you move in

Check the electricity, water, cables and a whole lot of other essentials before you start to settle in the new place.

Make a budget

You’re already under a crunch after the home, make sure that the moving expenses don’t burn a hole in your pocket and so, make a budget before starting.


Keep all your files, documents, papers and legal work with you at all times and don’t let it get into the wrong hands.

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