3 Industries That Absolutely Need BI Support

Saying that Business Intelligence (BI) has immeasurable value to the global, corporate landscape is part truth, part lie. BI has undoubtedly sharpened an ever-increasing spectrum of corporate institutions’ ability to make data driven business decisions, help them manage their internal processes and much more. So, what’s false about this statement, then? Well… it is that everything can be measured with BI — where there are large amounts of data to draw from, that is.

If you’re still not convinced that your company can benefit from the massive utility BI offers, why don’t you take the top three industries that benefit most from services like QlikView’s data & analytics utilities into consideration?

  • Healthcare

One industry that irrefutably sees a considerable uptick in performance when BI trained individuals step in is the healthcare field. Keeping track of medical supplies, as well as being able to accurately track the performance of a hospital’s infrastructure when deciding where to move funding is invaluable to these institutions.Both private and public medical institutions constantly make critical investment decisions— decisions that can be made much more confidently and easily when they have the data to support them!

  • Retail

Nothing hamstrings any retail outlet’s ability to generate sales more than misreading the target audience’s interests. Even if everything is thought out and catered for, when buyers don’t want what you’re selling, they simply won’t buy from you.

Tracking consumer behaviour and purchase trends for a certain area used to be left to expert sales men’s intuition. Nowadays, however, BI can get you the concrete, data-supported information you need by turning sets of data into valuable consumer behaviour insights.

  • Trade and supply

Similarly, mapping supply and demand used to be a complex process left to expert analysts with years of experience. With BI, the data (which often already exists) relating to which quantity of which products are most needed by whom can guarantee that your company acquires the profits they want to see.

If your business falls under any of these categories, you can be sure that you’ll be much better off making decisions based on solid data, rather than trying to hit business targets in the dark of uncertainty. Boost your turn-over by investing in information before you invest in anything else, no matter the scale of your operation!

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