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Giving birth to a baby is a special moment for the whole family

Most couples take a long time before they decide that they are ready to bring in a new life into this world and into their family. It is not only a great moment for them but it is special moment for the whole family itself. All the relatives will be expecting a new born child soon and it is not always a fairy tale in real life. There have been cases in which the baby was perfectly fit before the birth and during the delivery of the baby, due to faulty usage of equipment or wrong judgments, the medical fraternity cause irreparable damage to the child.

The cases of such deliveries are rare in the medical field however due to the sprouting up of hospitals that do not have qualified doctors who have the experience to deliver the baby, such cases occur. Moreover when a midwife or a nurse who is not experienced in delivering the child, is made to deliver the baby by the hospital or the clinic such incidents do occur. The case is also a possibility when the doctors use forceps and other medical equipment during the C-section or the caesarean delivery method. Too much force can cause damage to the head of the baby and in other cases even bodily harm and injury can take place.

A compensation is enforceable by law and should be given

All these are broadly classified and medical negligence. The child and the family can get the compensation from the doctors who performed the surgery and also from the hospital in which the surgery was conducted. These claims are broadly called as the birth issues negligence claims and they need to be properly proved with the video footages of the surgery, if available or with the ultrasound records that have been taken just before the surgery to prove that the problem was present only in the way the surgery was performed and was not a congenital or a hereditary problem. The law is strict in these birth issues negligence claims and ensures that the affected persons get a proper compensation from the medical fraternity. It is a tricky situation which needs the help from the legal community as these are all enforceable by law.

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