speak Mandarin Chinese

Want to speak Chinese here are some easy ways to speak Mandarin Chinese

Till few years before China was an isolated country. Worldwide, very few people knew about this country. However off late China is exporting huge number of products to different countries globally. Hence this country is become one of the major economic powers in the world. Therefore Chinese has become an international language in the world. People who are willing to learn to speak Chinese can make use of many TailorMadeChinese. There is computer software which helps to fulfil the quest of the people of learning Chinese. People who are interested in learning to speak Chinese there are many things that they have to keep in mind. Lots of various accents are spoken in different parts of China. Most of these languages spoken are not one and the same it is totally depended in tones which some specific words are spoken. Mandarin, Cantonese and Pinyin are some of the different accents which are used to speak here.

Use the Mandarin accent while learning to speak Chinese

At the time of learning to speak Chinese most people would be interested to with the Mandarin accent. This type of Chinese is spoken in Beijing and area of north China. The spoken language of this accent comprises of four various tones. People willing to learn to speak Chinese there are chances they may be attracted by Cantonese accent. This Chinese language is spoken by the Chinese-American migrants and south-eastern part of this country where it spoke the most. The Cantonese accent comprises of nine various tones and has no similarity with Mandarin accent.

Putonghua is used in government and schools

Putonghua is the official Chinese accent which is used in government and schools. This is supposed to be the best dialect that can be used by the people at the time of learning to speak the Chinese language. The Pinyin system which is supposed to be an alphabet might be helpful to people who are making an attempt to speak Chinese. This writing system is Latin based and was developed more than six decades ago. At the time of learning to speak Chinese the people should decide of the dialect to be chosen.

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