How to Get Cheap Textbooks


When it comes to being a student, the biggest expense if easily textbooks. The most annoying part is that some students reach the end of their entire study without ever opening many of the books which the teacher assigned and insisted would be used.


With the high price of textbooks, this can put a lot of financial pressure on a student. But it doesn’t have to. Below are some great tips to get your list of textbooks for a fraction of the cost.


Buy Used

If there isn’t a compelling reason why the book *needs* to be new, then buy it second hand.


  • Your college campus or nearby area is likely to have one or a few second-hand textbook stores. If you choose this option, know that you might be in for a bit of work traveling to different stores as you search, as many of these stores are small and independent and don’t always index their books due to how quickly they sell.
  • Alternatively, look through social media for groups where students of your college are selling their previous year’s textbooks. Often there will be a number of groups in your college area where you can post a list of books you need and receive responses from graduate students with a discounted price.


Discounts and Coupons

Speaking of discounted price…If the textbook absolutely must be new, check out places like the Groupon Coupons page for Abe Books or in student-focused catalogs which you would usually throw out.


Bookstore mailing lists are also a great way to find out on reduced priced textbooks before the rest of your soon-to-be classmates.


Download and Print

No, this doesn’t mean to illegally download. It does mean that you should access digital copies of any textbooks you can find. The price will be much lower given the reduced overheads to produce a digital document.


The catch, for a student, is where to print. For this, maybe a trip home for laundry and to use your parent’s computer is in order.


Nobody ever said that being a student was going to be easy. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be unnecessarily difficult. As soon as you get your list of required books, take this list to mind and save some serious money. After all, you’ll likely need it for the Ramen noodles.

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