Fine Options for The Best Freight Options

Take advantage of turnkey, complete and global forwarding solutions, and get better results from the Logistics team. You will benefit from all the expertise of our specialists with decades of experience in global logistics, commitment to quality services and lasting relationships with customers, subcontractors and suppliers.

Benefit from the practical knowledge of professionals working in the field in all regions of the world. Our dynamic team, for whom the means of transport and the administrative aspects have no more secret, will provide you with judicious advice and results of excellence. Now that Freight Search is a free load boards for trucks this is important.

  • Your logistic strategy will be adapted to the requirements specific to your project not only by carrying out, before the expedition, a complete evaluation of the malfunctions and the possible risks which could influence the cost and the delivery times, but also thanks to a review of the ports. And routes, coordination of the proper packaging of the goods, management of the required documentation and analysis of shipping options. Each expedition is tailor-made, and even the most technically demanding projects are made with precision.

Meet your contractual obligations, reduce risk and comply with customs formalities with the CH Robinson Project Logistics team. Reduce the costs, risks and delays of global transportation of your heavy and bulky goods:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Wind power
  • EPCM
  • Energy
  • Machinery and equipment


Apart from some trips / situations where you can also opt for the ferry or plane, the cargo is almost always the only way to transport your vehicle with the choice of roll-on / roll- off “(roro) or” container carriers “.

In a container carrier (the most recommended), the vehicle is protected and cannot move during transport; moreover nobody knows its contents (useful at the level “desires”). Inside, the vehicle is securely fastened with ropes and wooden blocks nailed into the container. You can leave your belongings inside as well as share the container to several roommates. Close all vehicle doors and keep the keys. The container will be closed with a seal of which you will keep the number, but be present on the premises for opening and closing.

As for “roro”, they offer less guarantees for it is true lower costs. There, the vehicle is on deck and you cannot leave your luggage with it. Better to pay a bit more money and have your car well protected and not in the open air and sea water.

In France the two main ports of transit where to embark are Le Havre and Marseille. If one leaves from abroad it is not useful to reserve its boats from France. Indeed, the on-site organization will generally be safer (you will be there), easier and cheaper. Allow about a week to arrange a departure (2 days in Singapore but up to 20 days in India!) And also plan a few days on arrival. Virtually all inter-port links are possible. On the busiest lines we can find a boat leaving on average every ten days, for the others … The crossing times are of course a function of distances; count about 600 km / day.

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