The Use of the Proper Cargo Transport Here

Heavy cargo is the place of cargo weighing more than 80 kg, large-size cargo, which in size and / or form requires the use of special handling equipment, additional means of packaging, exceeds the overall dimensions of the loading hatches and cargo compartments of passenger ships.

Among the names of the cargo belonging to large-sized pipes are pipes, separate equipment, cable drums and coils, coffins, aircraft engines, cars and other goods corresponding to this type of special cargo according to their characteristics. The free load board support is there also.

Perishable cargo

Among the names of cargo pertaining to perishable: 

  • Products of vegetable origin: vegetables and fruits, berries, citrus fruits;
  • Products of animal origin: meat of animals and birds, fish and seafood chilled and smoked, eggs, including incubators, caviar
  • Live fish planting material: fry, fingerlings, live caviar.
  • Canned blood, vaccines, serums, medical and biological preparations, living human organs, frozen embryos
  • Newspapers magazines

Wet (wet) cargo

  • Special cargo containing liquids (except for the names classified as dangerous goods).
  • Human remains.

Load with an unpleasant odor (odorous load)

Special cargo, which because of its strong odor can be taken only packaged in waterproof containers, sealed in such a way as to not miss any smell.

Among the names of the cargo, related to “odorous” – fresh skins, essential oils, fresh or salted internals (intestines).

Dangerous goods

Special cargoes are objects or substances that represent a significant danger to the health of people and property during air transportation.

Objects of art and museum exhibits

Special cargoes classified as follows: 

Painting on wood

  • Class 2 – Parchments or objects of art from materials of animal or vegetable origin.
  • Class 3 – Glass, enamel, ceramics, rusting metals.
  • Class 4 – Sculptures made of stone and selected murals.
  • Class 5 – Partially rusting metals.
  • Class 6 – Paintings on canvases.
  • Class 7 – Mosaic.


  • Human blood and organs
  • Diplomatic cargo (mail)

Valuable goods

Special cargo, reception of which for transportation is carried out under the following conditions:

  • In the consignment note in the “Name and quantity of goods” cell, VAL or VUN must be indicated, in the “Information on cargo handling” box – the phone of the consignee
  • The outer packaging must be whole, without external signs of damage

The package must be sealed by the consignor, the seals should be standard, have clear impressions of digital or alphabetic characters, the seal number must be indicated on the consignment note or other document of the consignor next to the load. You need to have a proper option here and there you can surely have the solutions now. New companies are now here with the proper details now.

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